The biggest social media trends of 2019

A lot went on in 2019, more than just Instagram changing its algorithms (shock, horror and despair!)

But what were the biggest trends this year? Well, I’ve got a few ideas…

Rebuilding trust

There’s been a lot of data leaks, a lot of automated bots and a lot of consumers losing faith in big brands recently, and according to Hootsuite, 60% of people say they no longer trust social media and for good reason.

From fake news to password leaks, it’s safe to say that trust building has been a big trend of this last year, and it won’t be stopping any time soon.

Storifying social

Stories are now growing 15 x faster than feed-based sharing.

According to Facebook, 68% of people say they use stories on at least three apps regularly, and 63% plan to use stories more in the future.

This shift in users’ content viewing preference from text-based to visual-based is the driving factor in the rapid rise of Stories, funnily enough this feature was the initial appeal of Snapchat which made it a huge success.

Linking back to trend one, this is fast becoming the norm in a big way due to privacy concerns playing a big role.

Closing the ads gap

With more advertisers jumping into social advertising, reaching users newsfeeds is becoming increasingly more competitive, meaning campaign efficiency will play a bigger role than ever before.

The pay to play environment of all platforms has led to the decline in reach for organic content – which could also be causing the rise in storyfying – directing punters back to the main feed.

Either way it’s making it harder for small businesses to make a splash.

Making it vintage

From light plashes to grainy film, content wise everyone went a little vintage in 2019.

Why? Well, we don’t really know, it just seems to be one of those things.

Subtitles and text

More and more we have less time to watch something, let alone something with sound on.

The benefit of subtitles? It tells you what you are watching, it’s quiet so you don’t need headphones, and it does the hard work for you.

Subtitles on video, stories, and even quote posts have become the new way to connect through social.

If your video isn’t subbed, it’s less likely to be watched, so be warned!