The biggest social media trends of 2019

A lot went on in 2019, more than just Instagram changing its algorithms (shock, horror and despair!) But what were the biggest trends this year? Well, I’ve got a few ideas… Rebuilding trust There’s been a lot of data leaks, a lot of automated bots and a lot of consumers losing faith in big brands […]

How to outsmart the Instagram algorithm

Not getting as many likes on Instagram as you used to? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Instagram has recently changed the way in which its algorithms work, which means best practices that have worked in the past, aren’t as affective anymore. Why? Well, it’s down to money. This way Instagram hopes you will eventually […]

Every day I’m hustlin’…

The side hustle: What exactly is it? Urban dictionary defines it as “freelance or piecework in nature, providing a supplemental income. Most people run a side hustle which eventually comes their full time job.” Largely (but not always) the side hustle can often be found in the creative spheres – musicians, artists, writers, maybe even […]